The Boars

Active in the value added mobile services since the early 2000s, we are currently the largest distributors of electronic vouchers in Lebanon.

Our activities in this sector are wide ranging, and include sale of e-vouchers for the two mobile operators in Lebanon, SMS services for the lottery operator, SMS services for major television networks in the region and some of the top television programs worldwide, as well as gaming by SMS.


Specialized in the packaging of sugar, salt and other requirements for restaurants and delis, we are the market leaders in Lebanon.


The family’s origin as importer-exporter has ensured this subdivision never stops developing. Today we are focused on selling products to the Iraqi government, especially commodities, generators, electrical units, pumps and spare parts for refineries.


We have been active in real estate since the 70s in two main countries of operation: Brazil and Lebanon. We are involved in development of residential real estate in both countries and we offer fund management services for income producing real estate assets in Brazil.


Our strategy is to invest in leading high-end automotive companies such as Porsche and Ducati. Our Interest in the sector stems from the personal passions of our shareholders.


Our lottery business started in 1986 with the introduction of lottery games in Lebanon and then expanded to many countries in the MENA region. Today we are the biggest lottery operators in the Middle east and Africa and have more than 50 years of combined experience in the lottery business.

la libanais des jeux