Lottery - La Libanaise Des Jeux

Establishedin 2001 by founders with more than 30 years of lottery experience, La Libanaisedes Jeux sal (LLDJ) becomes in September 2002 the official and exclusiveoperator of lottery games in Lebanon. In 2005, LLDJ penetrates the Bahraini market with a local partner, launchingits first lottery business outside Lebanon, before expanding to Ghana in 2007.Two years later, LLDJ becomes oneof the few companies worldwide to sell lottery through SMS and expandgeographically to Nigeria. Currently, LLDJ worldwide reaches a total of 3,550 points of sale in 6 countries.


InLebanon, the company’s product portfolio includes draw games such as theinfamous LOTO, a wide variety of scratch games, and the supply of electronicmobile recharge vouchers through its POS terminals


LLDJplays an important role in the Lebanese economy allocating morethan $42.4 million dollars annually to the Government’s budget while returningaround 45% of its revenues as prizes to theLebanese people who invest their winnings, thus increasing consumption andcontributing to a healthy economic cycle.


In addition, byselling its lottery and scratch cards across a nationwide POS network whichgrew in a decade from 150 to 1,200 locations, the company largely contributesto the endorsement of hundreds of local businesses which revenues from theirlottery operations exceed $5 million dollars annually, excluding non directbenefits.


LLDJ is also one ofthe most socially active companies in the country, funding diverse social,humanitarian, ecological and recreational projects all year long.


Committed todelivering smiles in every way possible, the company employs 100 qualifiedprofessionals all performing with high ethics and according to the principlesof fairness, equality and objectivity. The team members constantly innovate tointroduce new and fun games that cater to popular demand.


Today, LLDJ stands as abenchmark for lottery operations worldwide enjoying a long and proven trackrecord of achievements and customer satisfaction with $434 million dollarsdistributed to more than 25 million winners over 12 years.